Why you should still support PTSA 

even in High School...


We know what you're thinking - my kids are in high school, there isn’t anymore volunteering in the classroom, field trips to chaperone, or room parties. Why do I need to belong to the PTA? You're right, high school PTA is nothing like elementary or even middle school PTA but there are still so many reasons to join.

More than 30 years of research has proven that kids do better when parents are involved at home and at school. Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve. That doesn’t stop in high school. In fact, high school is when kids need guidance with college preparation, support with homework expectations, and help navigating risky behavior and peer pressure. The stakes are higher in high school and parent involvement is crucial. High school is when your child starts sharing less and becoming more independent. Being a part of PTSA helps bridge that gap. You can connect with other parents, teachers, and staff and stay informed on the biggest part of your child's day. 

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